martes, 4 de junio de 2013

The one that keeps falling apart

It's so hard to keep on living when everything is wrong
When you don't have something to hold on to
When you don't know where to go

I know I'm not alone
And even though time has made me strong
I still need to sing this song

This is the worst and I can tell you, it is not the end
Pain will find its way
And I'll keep drowning in my head
The worst enemy I have is my own self

I have survived but I am still sad
Tell me lover, how long this is going to last?
Am I the one with the fault?
Cause it's seems I can't make anything right

People tell me that life has treated me kind
But somehow it's breaking my heart over and over, and it never stops

Show me some light, and give me a reason to start once again
Cause this road is way too hard and I'm tired of being brave
I no longer see the path very well

Guide me, so that I can sleep at night.


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