martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Awakening my soul

No one said that one day the rain would fall over us awakening our senses.
Awakenings are so quickly gone, as the shadows in the dawn.
Cause in the daylight, I can only think of you and when the night hits, I'm broken and bruised.

Day or night, I don't mind the rain runing down my spine. You keep me warm, I don't want to leave. The only rush is in my blood.
The tears, the rain, the blood, always coming down so slow.
But I'm hurt and it creeps me out cause I used to be so strong. Please make it stop... Take the rain away, take the pain from my veins.

Do you see these hands? Can you fix them? Do you feel this heart? Can you heal it?
Pain will soon fade away, but always lefting words that may remain so deep inside, but faith will also show us a new way.
And when that time comes, we'll no longer be lost. We could even dance in the middle of the storm.
Don't let us become, something that we're not.

Claudia  Yenisey   @Cy___ 
Fernando Ruiz @feruizab


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