martes, 4 de junio de 2013

The most beautiful blue

"The most beautiful blue"

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On my search to find myself, I swore it had no sense,
I broke through silence acting blind,
Until the mistery was solved and kind.

I opened my eyes like I used to,
my heart and me flew to make it true,
holding hands we found the most beautiful blue.

The clouds propelled our wings,
the wings propelled our strings,
the strings propelled our things.

We saw the sea and also the sky,
we saw the deep saphired that makes us cry,
and we saw the turquoise that made us fly.

I stopped flying with my heart, to let it go and start my own flight,
spreading it in your eyes to make it true.
Your eyes, the most beautiful blue.

By Pepe Aguilar Alcántara

Special thanks to Daniela Nicolini.


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