martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Lost in time

After everything I've been through, I finally understand myself.
Or at least I think I do.

The reason why I haven't been lucky on relationships it isn't because I haven't found the right person, had any misguided love or absence of caring.
It's because of the timing…

As I've always said, time is patient and wise.
We're usually the ones who get in the way of that magnificent plan. A plan we design ourselves, and we sabotage it as well.
Time works with a precision we'll never get to fully understand, and because of that, we find ourselves losing every chance of achieving that goal, sometimes we even miss our chance to be happy.
But it is never too late, cause after all, time is waiting for us.
So I'm letting go. It's time to let time take control.

I'll be as patient as a tree, waiting for its chance. Prepared to be changed. The seasons will come and go, and I'll stay here for you to come home.
I know now, nothing can go wrong.

I recognize, that sometimes the mirror is the only thing that can understand the complexity of my weaknesses and fears.
He's no liar, I am. And that simple truth, can change everything. Even my past.

I think too much, that's a fact; and I've always been aware of that.
I'm used to calculate every single move I make because I'm scared of getting lost.

Either way, I need to find the balance that lays within myself, and stop trying to find it in someone else. Because you can be loved, but you can never be saved.


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